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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Video is up! I have a You Tube channel!!

I am in the process of putting up videos onto my You Tube channel - Adventures in Research and Wyoming.

I will have ALL of the video footage from each camera per lek. These are organized in playlists (i.e., Lek 1 Camera 3).

The video names (i.e., 03270032) represent the month, date, media number (i.e. this video was taken on March(03) 27th and was the 32nd media file (pictures or video) created for that camera) . So feel free to stop by and check out videos!

Each video has the date  and time (24 hour). I will be adding the pictures soon as well. The pictures have slightly more information: barometric pressure, whether the pressure is rising or falling, and temperature (Fahrenheit).

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