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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To the field!!!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am off to the field on what might be my last field season for my Ph.D. project and so this will be a chronicle of my adventures.

Why do a blog now?
Well, as a University of Wyoming Science Posse Fellow I talk to middle and high school students in Wyoming about my research in ecology. Since I will be away all of April and half of May I wanted to share with everyone what I am up to as sort of a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what I think is the best part of my job!

If you have seen my career talk, you might remember this:

 So, this is the part that I think I do, except for me, it looks more like this:

I love this part of my job! I get to hike around the hills in Wyoming, see cool wildlife, watch Greater Sage-Grouse, camp, and just be outside. Most importantly, I hope the data that I collect while in the field will be helpful for wildlife biologists and land managers. So, tomorrow, I will drive from Laramie, WY to Hyattville, WY.

I will update this blog as often as I can (most likely, when I am at home base in Hyattville). See ya  in the field!