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Monday, May 11, 2015

To do (5/11/2015) Excel Academy

Hi citizen scientists!

You guys will work in groups for your research projects. But before I assign you groups I want to let you know what three questions you guys picked to investigate.

1. Does weather influence the number of sage-grouse?
2. How often do predators visit the leks?
3. What time of day do the most birds visit the lek?

I want you guys to start thinking about how you would answer these questions using the video footage for each question. What kind of information would you collect (example: Number of birds, date, time)? How different are the information that you want to collect between questions? What information is the same that you would collect for all the videos? There are A LOT of videos. Do you think that you will be able to look at ALL the videos? (If not, how might you decide what videos to watch).

I will be adding videos to my you tube channel today and tomorrow. I also have the pictures that tripped the camera. Do you think those would help you out in answering any of your questions?

Below is an example of a photo that was taken when the animal set off the motion sensor camera:

There is a bunch of information at the bottom of this photo. Can you figure out what that information is and if you think any of it would be useful for answering those questions?

Here is a closer look at the information at the bottom of the picture.

If you have questions, comments, answers to any of these questions, feel free to write in the comments section! I will get back to you as soon as I can (most likely at the end of the day).

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