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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A little blog hiatus

Well hello! I took a little hiatus on my blogging duties as things towards the end of my field season and back in Laramie got a little crazy. But don't fret! I have some field topics that I wanted to post on, give you guys a nice reflection of my three years in the field, and tell you about what is next. Just to give you a little teaser for my upcoming blogs, I will be talking about:

1. The last of my field stats

2. A field site on Nature Conservancy property (Heart Mountain) and visit from one of my committee members

3. Noise - why measure that?

4. A reflection on my Ph.D. field work (has it REALLY been three years already!).

5. Now what? (Hint: Pipettors, centrifuges, and thermocyclers.. OH MY!)

Thanks for staying with me!

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